Recruitment Solutions

Operations Set Up

Outsourced Support

We take our recruitment activity very seriously, as you would expect us to, since it is our bread and butter function. We stretch ourselves with a passion for our Clients and candidates, eager to play our facilitator role to make the win-win happen - for all the three of us.

Database Services

Our database has an almost prodigal offering of IT skills, at every level. We are strong in high-end skills in areas such as :

  • Embedded & DSP
  • WLAN, Network & Telecom Domains
  • Networking , Database & Systems Administration
  • ERP, SAP & Other Business Process Applications
  • Applications Development (Microsoft, Java, Oracle…)
  • IT Sales & Marketing (Software & Hardware)

The shortlist process

We have built a process around how we would like to handle your resource support request. But again this is not meant to be rigid. If you have a better way, we are all ears !

  • Receipt of job and skills profile from our clients
  • Scrutiny of database for matching profiles using a sophisticated software
  • Mailer to identified candidates with profile and company information
  • Receipt of updated cv from interested candidates
  • Second scrutiny of profile and discussion with candidates
  • Send out list of identified and confirmed cvs to client
  • Receipt of shortlist from client and scheduling meetings
  • Reference and compensation check of shortlisted candidates, as required

Tailor-made Recruitment Solutions

In addition to offering our database, we love to work with our clients for tailor-made resourcing solutions based on their specific requirements.

For Start-ups and clients with large recruitment requirements, we undertake total recruitment projects involving :

  • Conceptualization and release of recruitment advertisements in dailies/technical journals
  • Review of applications and identification of suitable profiles
  • Running Technical and Aptitude tests for shortlisted candidates
  • Conducting preliminary interviews & preparation of candidate shortlist, where required
  • Coordinating & scheduling second level & final interviews
  • Finalization of shortlists & Offers to selected candidates

Your end-result is our goal, because your success is our assurance !